Welcome to STRONG@HOME

Get strong, enjoy your workouts & kick dieting to the curb!

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Why You Should Join Us

Are you...

...tired of punishing yourself when it comes to fitness?

...ready to feel strong while improving your relationship with your body?

...done with fitness classes that focus on weight loss?

...over hearing coaches talk about dieting & calories?

...dealing with some pain, past injuries or lack of confidence when it comes to exercise?

...then STRONG@Home is for you!

About Us

STRONG@Home was founded to help you build a positive relationship with yourself, your body & how you feel about movement.

What's Included

-Monthly workouts classes
-Tailored to gaining strength, building endurance + muscle
-Open to beginners + inclusive of different abilities
-Community Support & Access To Bonus Content
-All workouts can be done bodyweight or with minimal equipment